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Always Have the Jeep Wrangler Cargo Capacity You Need When You Need It!

This revolutionary new cargo carrier is always with you, out of the way when not needed and ready to use the moment it is. The patent-pending GearBox™ cargo carrier mounts directly to your Jeep Wrangler's tailgate using the tire carrier’s existing bolt holes and fits both 2-door and 4-door JK models.  When not in use, the GearBox™ cargo carrier acts as a sturdy, weather-resistant tire cover, blocking 90% of the sun’s harmful rays. When needed, it quickly folds down into a 34" wide x 30" long cargo carrier.

Easy to Install Cargo Carrier for Your Jeep Wrangler Tailgate

The GearBox™ Tire Cover + Cargo Carrier for Jeep JK Wranglers has a light-weight, innovative design that shares the same bolt holes as your stock tire carrier, meaning installation is quick and easy with no drilling required.  After assembling the GearBox™ cargo carrier, you simply remove your spare tire, unbolt the tire carrier from the tailgate by removing the eight (8) mounting bolts, sandwich the GearBox™ cargo carrier’s mounting plates between the tailgate and the tire carrier, reattach the tire carrier to the tailgate, and remount your spare tire onto the tire carrier. It’s that simple!

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Innovative Eye-Catching Design

The GearBox™ Tire Cover + Cargo Carrier for Jeep JK Wranglers was designed with the Jeep enthusiast in mind. As a 5-time Jeep owner, our designer understood the cargo space limitations of the Jeep Wrangler line, which has carried over into today’s JK models. What was needed was something that was a) handy – as you never know when you’ll need the extra space, b) attractive – Jeep owners rightly take pride in the appearance of their vehicles, and c) easy to use – anyone who’s attached a cargo tray to their hitch knows what a pain this can be.

What You Need When You Need It!

The GearBox™ Tire Cover + Cargo Carrier for Jeep JK Wranglers addresses these needs and more. By folding up into a tire cover when not in use, the GearBox™ cargo carrier is always with you, eliminating the need to decide before your trip whether you’ll have to mount a cargo tray or small trailer. The glossy black steel parts in combination with the bright aluminum face plates create an eye catching look that will turn heads as you pass. Lastly, you can’t get much easier to use than just folding the GearBox™ cargo carrier down into position. An added bonus to the design is that when in the down position, the angled back corners significantly reduce the chance of catching the GearBox™ cargo carrier on objects when making tight turns.

Plus You Can Enjoy These Great Bonus Features

Due to the elevated mounting position of the GearBox™ Tire Cover + Cargo Carrier for Jeep JK Wranglers, you can enjoy over two feet of clearance between the bottom of the cargo carrier and the ground, especially useful if you are planning to go off road. Additionally, the weight capacity of the GearBox™ cargo carrier can be increased by adding an optional support strap, as shown at left. Lastly, both the GearBox™ cargo carrier and the optional support strap attach solely to Jeep Wrangler’s tailgate, meaning that the cargo carrier will swing out of your way when opening the tailgate – whether in the up or down position – allowing easy access to the inside of your vehicle.

An Investment in Savings

Hauling more per trip means fewer trips which translates into lower fuel costs and less wear and tear on your Jeep. Also, with the GearBox™ Tire Cover + Cargo Carrier for Jeep JK Wranglers, you have the option of foregoing an expensive 5th custom tire/rim combination as your spare, using instead the OEM spare which would be hidden behind the GearBox™ cargo carrier while the carrier is in the up (stowed) position.

Product Features

Attractive weather-resistant aluminum and steel tray design
Strong tailgate-mounted design
Weight capacity can be increased with optional support strap*
Over 6 square feet of platform area and over 5 cubic feet of walled storage
High sides keep cargo in place and better protected from wind
Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

Click Here to View Assembly Guide (large file).

Technical Specifications

Width:  34 Inches
Length:  30 Inches
Height:  10 Inches
Area: 6.1 Sq. Ft.
Volume: 5.1 Cu. Ft.
Tire/Wheel Capacity: All OEM Jeep Wrangler JK Tire-Wheel Combinations (Up To 255-75 R18)
Weight: 57 Pounds
Cargo Capacity: 80 pound-feet (150 pound-feet if augmented with optional support straps)*
Material: Aluminum and Steel

Your Order Includes

Steel Frame and Side Panels with Weather-Resistant Primered and Powder Coated Finish
Aluminum Face Panels
Corrosion-Resistant Mounting Hardware

*Results vary based on age and condition of the tailgate, tailgate hinges, and vehicle.


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GearBox™ Tire Cover + Cargo Carrier for Jeep JK Wranglers

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